3 Secret Beach Walks in Europe

3 Secret Beach Walks in Europe

Not sure where your next beach getaway should be? Check out this list of hidden treasures to help you get ready for some summer fun and get some walking in as part of your holiday!

Cold, wet and miserable are just some of the descriptions of winter weather. Often, in the midst of this dreary season, our minds are flooded with dreams of laying on the beach or trekking through beautiful countryside. However, once the time comes, we often find ourselves lingering over the same old question:

WHERE DO WE GO? Of course, everyone has their favourite beach walking locations, but if you’re looking for a little more adventure – this list is for you. Kick your beach day  up a notch and discover these secret beaches in Europe that transform your walking holiday in to a special occasion without the crowds. These destinations will be sure to help you create some memories and fulfil the fix for sun, sand and a good walk that’s been nagging you since winter.

1. Cleopatra Beach (Turkey)

The vast coastline of Turkey offers some fantastic beaches. It is home to 258 Blue Flag beaches, as well as an array of hidden coves and intimate spots to get your beach on.  Nightlife, history, sun and sea are all prominent aspects of the area, and once you’re there you’ll never be bored. The Turkish Riviera, located in the area of Antalya, offers 400 miles of sandy beaches, and for those travelers looking for more than just a day trip, the resort town of Alanya is about an hour from the international airport. This beautiful destination spreads along the Mediterranean and is accompanied by the beautiful backdrop of the Taurus mountains (which are only a 20 minutes drive away). Walking here is a delight. Alanya is also home to Damlatas, one of the most sought-after local locations in Turkey for a beach getaway. Also known as Cleopatra Beach, it is usually a busy spot full of people, cafes, and fun. But if this bustling scene isn’t for you, don’t worry! Take a ride on a dolmus (local transport) a little further east towards the smaller towns of Oba and Mahmutlar, and you will find quieter less commercialised stretches of beaches and then walk back along the coast. The town of Gazipasa has an especially lovely sandy beach which I would highly recommend. It would is quite the hike from town, but local buses one way make it an easy option.

2. Slanchev Bryag (Bulgaria)

While Bulgaria is renowned for its winter sports, the summer beach weather makes the Black Sea coastline a great place to visit. Popular with Eastern European visitors for many years, Western Europeans are now beginning to discover the area, especially Slanchev Bryag. For the history lovers out there, this area also has the unique characteristic of being right down the coast from Nessebar. This ancient town has been referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, and is basically considered a city-museum. Built by the Thracians in the 6th century B.C., this culture filled spot could add an element of intrigue to any walking holiday in this region.

3. Makarska (Croatia)

For those of you who don’t know which bathing suit to wear, leave it in the closet and head to Croatia! Home to clothing-optional beaches since the thirties, naturism is very popular here. Large nudist resorts are scattered throughout the country, including Koversada of Istria – one of the oldest naturist centers in Europe. Although, the Adriatic coastline does offer many commercial beaches like Koversada, there is a long list of hidden treasures that can only be found by a boat or a trek by foot. Makarska Riviera, south of Split, is most definitely on that list, offering an ideal location for those of you who would rather take on the ‘au natural’ in private. Makarska is a gorgeous haven of white sands and scenice views- perfect for anyone looking for a summertime escape.