5 things to consider when booking a walking holiday

5 things to consider when booking a walking holiday

What is your idea of a walking holiday?

It could be a slow, meandering wander through English country paths, or strapping on your back pack and heading of to Nepal? Maybe it is something in between the two, with a leisurely break in the middle. Exploring a destination on foot is a unique way to really explore and get to know the area you are in.

With such a vast range of options now available to walkers looking for a new experience, there are some important points that you should take in to consideration before booking any walking holiday.  The type of holiday will obviously influence the way that you book and pay for your holiday but these five points should always be considered, whatever type of walking holiday you are booking.

  1. Passports and visas. If you are travelling abroad, check your passport has at least six months validity from the date you return from your trip. If it has not, consider getting the passport renewed before you travel. Also check whether you need a visa to enter the country you are travelling to. You’d be surprised which countries you need to apply to before arriving, including Australia and the U.S.A
  2. Check the reviews. Independent reviews are a great way to check out the quality of guides, rooms and transport. Remember to post your own review once you have travelled and help people just like you!
  3. How are you paying? Whether you are reserving a room in a hotel in the Lake District or booking a full expedition to Everest Base Camp, you want to make sure that your payment is safe and secure. Many U.K. and European tour operators will offer financial security as part of the European Package Tour regulations, but this only applies if you are booking a package tour. Paying with a credit card gives you increased financial security whatever type of holiday you are booking.  Also look out for any trade body membership such as ABTA, the B&B association and others.
  4. Speak in person. It is tempting these days to arrange everything via email and never actually speak to the people who are arranging your holiday. You’d be surprised how quickly you can get everything sorted in a short phone call. More importantly, during a conversation, things that you thought may not be important but that can really add to the holiday can be brought up and it’s easy to describe exactly what you want. It’s amazing how often an email can be misconstrued and both parties be at crossed wires. Try and speak to your walking holiday provider at least once before you book your holiday to confirm that everything is as you want it.
  5. Don’t over or under estimate your own abilities. Remember that this is a holiday and you are there to enjoy yourself. There is no point pretending that you are going to take a five day trek to Machu Picchu if you know you are not physically fit enough – especially when you can get a train and bus. Alternatively, if you are an active and really get a buzz from  fast paced trekking, make sure that you are not booked on a group trip with people of limited experience. These will just slow you down and frustrate you. It is all about getting the right walking holiday for your needs. That is where Walks of the World helps out.

With such a large range of walking and trekking holidays now available, it is a great time to get out and explore the world on foot. This could be a weekend break along the Wales Coastal Path or a once in a lifetime trip to Kenya and climbing Kilimanjaro.